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We at CMP offer 3 wedding packages starting at just 1,600! 

With any wedding package you receive a pre consolation where we would meet at least once, whether it be for coffee or over skype, and go over every detail of your big day, and create a time line to ensure the most photos back as well as to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible! I have a guide I also send to all of my wedding clients covering helpful tips for your big day that come from personal experiences and can help guide you through your big day with ease!

Are you getting married at The Bright Place? Ask about our Tiny Wedding Packages! 


I absolutely adore traveling, whether it be for a wedding, engagement session, or elopement, I am perfectly capable of waking up at 3am to hike on questionable trails or explore forbidden forests... Not really on that last part, I've seen too many scary movies! However, there are a few places I've been dying to work! If you're getting married in any of these locations I'd love to hear from you!

Williamswood Castle/ New Orleans, LA / Chicago, IL /Page, AZ / Zion National Park, UT / Alberta, Canada / Boston, MA /Salem, MA / Proctor Mansion, MA / Mt. Lemmon, AZ / Rome (I can dream!!!) / Mount Alvernia Cat Island Bahamas